We invest 50% of our profits into empowering women
and children living in extreme poverty.

Impact Story of the Month

How proper nutrition has given
Hairullo and Fashullo a brighter future.

Hairullo and Fashullo are two boys that have big dreams. Hairullo is a 16 year old who wants to be a military officer while Fashullo is 17, and plans on being a police officer when he gets older. Both boys live in a foster home in the mountains of Central Asia because their parents are too poor to provide for their basic needs. Growing up, it was difficult for the two to find the proper nutrition to feed their growing bodies. Now, through the help of the Global Aid Network, both boys get the proper nutrition through their school’s food program. The boys are finally living in a supportive environment that allows them to focus on what’s really important: fulfilling their dreams.

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Investment Areas

To make the greatest impact possible, we’ve identified these 5 investment areas.

811,070 meals provided | 2,222 kids fed for a year

We fund sustainable agriculture and emergency relief programs around the world. Feeding communities and
promoting self-sufficiency, we provide a critical source of nutrition for people who lack the proper nourishment.

7,170,095 gallons of clean water | 101,829 people have clean water for life

We deliver long-term solutions and immediate support for people that are in desperate need of clean water. By building
sustainable infrastructures as well as physically transporting water, we’re providing access to this human need.

1,237 children educated | 1,237 opportunities to change the world

We empower people through education with our K-12 education program. By providing training and necessary life skills,
we are committed to elevating communities through knowledge in an effort to halt the cycle of poverty.

1,130 micro-loans granted to create jobs | 2,160 savings accounts established

We work to provide people with opportunities to thrive. Through our microfinance program, we are enabling women to take
the first step towards self-sufficiently. With our loans, we can provide stability through new jobs and increased incomes.

17 rescue missions | 195 people rescued

We believe that every human being has the right to be free. By investing in projects that focus on rescuing people that
are living in captivity, we are liberating women and children and introducing them to a new world of freedom.

So far, we’ve invested over $1,600,000
to empower women & children in extreme poverty.